Allworth Design is actively engaged in improving local communities and the environment through targeted philanthropic efforts. As a small design company, we make the greatest impact by primarily focusing volunteerism and financial resources on several locally active nonprofits.

Block Project was created by our friends Jenn LaFreniere and Rex Hohlbein with a unique approach to providing residences for Seattle’s homeless. The goal of this effort is to put a Block Home (small house) on every residential block in the city. In 2017, Allworth Design collaborated with BLOCK Architects on the design of the first Block Project. We look forward to continuing this effort for years to come. For more information on Block Project please visit

Because our work and interests often place us out in nature, we observe the impacts of humanity on the environment with an educated eye. So, we are driven to play a role in supporting organizations that are protecting and preserving natural landscapes in the northwest and beyond. For over a decade Allworth Design has supported the Western Rivers Conservancy through financial contributions and volunteerism. WRC is a highly effective organization focused on purchasing lands along key rivers and preserving those places for long-term benefits to fish, wildlife, and people. If you have interest in the preservation of western river landscapes, please visit

We have been fans of Arcade Magazine for many years. Arcade has established a relevance in the design community by bringing compelling topics such as climate change, rapid urban development, and economic inequality to the forefront. If you want to increase your awareness regarding design and its impact on local and regional issues check out Arcade at