On a gently sloping property with views to distant water and mountains, architecture and landscape were conceived in tandem to create a rich sequence of spaces varying in enclosure and character. Stone walls extend from the residence to define and create separations of space. Guests arrive in an auto court of crushed stone. A staggered path of concrete panels leads through an entry court planted with Japanese maple and lily turf and over a reflecting pool planted with water lilies. West of the house, an entertaining terrace seems to float above a sloped garden of sun loving fountain and Mexican feather grasses, lavender, shore pines, and arbutus.

To the southeast, the master bedroom deck looks upon a water feature and private “forest garden” of pine, cypress, and laceleaf Japanese maple trees underplanted with astilbe, bishop’s hat, and Japanese lace fern.

To the northwest of the residence a vegetable and cutting garden are located near the kitchen for ease of access.

Architecture: Rex Hohlbein Architects