Set within a sloping landscape of mature conifer forest, new architecture is carefully integrated into areas previously cleared and leveled for structures and a tennis court (built decades ago by previous owners). Site access utilizes and improves an existing gravel driveway allowing adjacent forest to remain intact. A trail system (including a suspension bridge) will invite exploration into that surrounding forest.

A low perimeter concrete wall remains next to the former tennis court location. A new guest house and wood hot tub will set within that level rectangular landscape of ferns, moss, and Vine Maple.

Adjacent to the beach, the main residence will occupy area where an old and decaying house existed. Here native plantings will be restored around a new home set within the transition from shaded forest edge to open coastal shoreline. Vine Maple, Rhododendron, Salal, and beach grasses will create foreground and frame views of Hood Canal and Olympic Mountains.

Architecture: Eerkes Architects