Set on low bank waterfront in the San Juan Islands, this landscape had been mostly cleared and degraded by previous land owners. The design envisions a landscape that will reestablish a transition from forest, to brackish wetland, to beach. A modern camp of cabins, bunkhouse, social gathering spaces and a private residence will nestle within these landscape types. A curvilinear rammed earth concrete wall set adjacent to a water rill will serve as an organizing and linking element between buildings. Vehicles will be tucked away in one corner of the site to enhance the experience of retreating into nature.

In the forest zone, preserved and new douglas fir trees will rise above layers of serviceberry, vine maple, salal, sword fern, Oregon grape, and bishop’s hat. The wetland will include a plant palette of native sedges and bull rush set beneath existing groupings of aspen. Paths and boardwalks will invite exploration and provide beach access.

Architecture: Krannitz Gehl Architects